Grooming FAQ

How do I know what to expect cost wise to groom my fur friend?

  1. Grooming is based on several factors:
    1. Size of and health condition of pet.
    2. Coat condition and skin condition of pet.
    3. Temperament of pet and how willing to participate in spa treatments.
    4. Requested services.
    5. Time investment in providing care and clean up after your companion.
    6. Amount of supplies, number of tools (also sharpening/cleaning of same) used and products used.
    7. How often pet is presented for care.
    8. Biting and or fighting care giver.
    9. We can only quote a base price for a certain breed/weight/coat condition without seeing pet and cannot quote a firm price until after the process to be fair to owner and groomer.
    10. The great benefit to our clients is once the care is routine most fees remain the same.

How long will it take?

  1. This is dependent on number of other guests in for spa care that day.
  2. Dependent on your fur child’s needs not only grooming but emotional or physical.
  3. The style and treatments you have selected for your companion.
  4. And most of all your schedule…if you need your pet at a certain time, let the person making your appointment know so we can allot the time required to make that happen.
  5. Also the groomer’s need breaks also to keep in top shape to do their best for your companion.

Why choose Hyer Luv to care for your companions coat and skin care.

  1. Honored with the gift of a lifetime membership to ISCC (International Society of Canine Cosmetology) for service to the industry and Pet Care Services Association.
  2. Continuing education and certifications yearly.
  3. A guest speaker and lecturer for the pet care and grooming industry throughout the country.
  4. A passion for caring for each child as an individual…taking the time that each pet requires and no cookie cutter treatments.
  5. Offering specialized treatments, dental treatments, massage, skin care treatments, nail treatments, de-shedding, stripping and rotating coat, designer hair styling, coloring, aroma therapy, ear plucking and deep cleaning, blue berry or mango facials, coat whitening and tear stain treatments. Hydrosurge bathing system and other specialized equipment for the appropriate care of your fur child.
  6. Licensed Facility